This app's purpose is to bring physical life and virtual life altogether. The app can be applied to any convention or event, so my partner and I chose to demonstrate the design week events in Israel and to show how an exhibition or a workshop can also be running from home together with the attending option.

Audience- our audience is every person who loves art, as students, designers, artists, and more.

The user chooses either if he's in attending mode or home mode on the first screen(homepage). The app shows events according to that choice, in case there are events which you cannot join from home.

How is it work?
Exhibitions will have cameras that will shoot the entire event from multiple angles in live mode and the user can watch it from the app. You can use the app neither if you are attending the event nor you're at home, to connect with people.

Rona Cohen

24 years old student in visual communications at Shenkar University in Israel. She likes to go to museums in her free time. She likes to know about new artists and new exhibitions. At the design week events, she goes to exhibitions and maybe will attend a workshop. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she would like to watch the events from home, maybe with her friends.


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