Application in collaboration with Masa Kopayashi Lab on tokyo .

Oci App provides the user specific trails, where you can hear and track sound records of nature and get information about the objects in nature by using AR feature 

The motivation
Our goal is to strengthen the connection between urban people and nature with the help of Conscious-Wandering.

In the app, we deal with the experience of
Conscious-Wandering in nature,
as a holistic complex that the person returns
home with.
Therefor, we’d like to raise awareness and knowledge by combining physical wandering, interactive data presentation, and developing the relations between nature-people-science. 

Target audience 
Nature lovers and hikers
12-45 years old
Adventurous people

David Daniel:
25 years old, Young-adult,
A computer science student Who occasionally
spend his weekends by taking a walk in nature and relax from his hectic daily routine.


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